Cradle of Decay


Cradle of Decay:



Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures



6 player group instance


Player level:





My role and responsibilities:

  • Overall concepting/design of theme and encounters
  • Grayboxing and planning dungeon layout with artists
  • Planning and setting up quests
  • Settling on visuals of all bosses along with artists
  • Designing all population pockets and bosses including behaviour and abilities
  • Creating abilities and spells
  • Creating particle effects
  • Assembling bosses, mobs, and other NPCs
  • Doing some scripting
  • Implementing everything in our editor (in house)
  • Testing/balancing
  • Documenting




Design vision:

This was my first dungeon working with Funcom.

Cradle of Decay was meant to spice up the zone it was located in – to give the level range of players in the zone some more content.

That was pretty much the core premise for the dungeon.


The size of the dungeon was fit for 4 bosses, and I wanted to challenge the players’:

  • Attention
  • Timing
  • Strategic skills
  • Coopeation skills


Besides offering the players an exiting experience with diversity in the boss fights and encounters, given that this was a mid-level range group dungeon the players could still use some challenges which would teach them something about the class they had chosen and how to play it in a group.




1. Mistress

Her unique ability was to randomly charm a player in the group - she would however prefer healing players over others.

Once a player was charmed, he become attackable for the rest of the group, and they would then have to be careful not to kill him while the charm lasted.


2. Spider Queen

This boss would have several nests around her, and while they still existed, she would from time to time go to one of them and hatch her hatchlings – nasty buggers, and a lot of them too!

The players should get rid of the nests at the same time as fighting the Spider Queen, but each nest wouldn’t be attackable until it was “ripe”. This should keep the players on their toes and react fast, once they noticed a “ripe” nest.


3. Lord of Decay:

This dude would wander around his territory with a bunch of minions, who would do everything in their power to keep their Lord alive. They would even die for him – the boss would life drain alive minions to keep himself alive, and he would keep spawning new ones as soon as “old ones” died.

The players should CC and DPS – but not kill - the minions out of range of the boss, and also DPS the boss.


4. Nogg:

Nogg would stand in a pool of blood not being targetable to the players. He would be able to spawn helpers from the blood as long as 2 hearts were beating. The players would have to fight the helpers as well as seeing to it that the 2 hearts were kept from beating.

Only when no helpers were alive and no hearts were beating would the players be able to actually fight the boss himself.




Dungeon description:

The ‘Cradle of Decay’ is a group instance that offers players around level 43 a brand new place to discover and test their mettle while hunting for experience and loot. All life seems to have been sucked out of this rotten place and the player group will have to stand up against a seductive mistress, a wrathful mother and a horrid master – among other dangers.