Cell phone

Release date:

May 2007 (Season 1) and December 2007 (Season 2)

My position on the project:

Lead game designer

MISSLEAD is a mobile phone game series from the Danish mobile game developer 3rd Person aimed primarily at female casual gamers.
It provides a unique mix of the episode structure and tongue-in-cheek style of TV soaps and the story-driven mystery solving of adventure games.
Each episode features one of the four playable main characters, letting the player experience the story from four different view points.
The MISSLEAD series is a mobisoap; a line of story-driven game episodes mixed with tongue-in-cheek style of TV shows.
The series runs over four seasons, each season consisting of four episodes, making a total span of sixteen episodes.

Published work:
As lead game designer for 3rd Person ApS
  • Misslead, Season 1 (May 2007):
    • Zane’ Web (Cat)
    • A Fair Trial (Dee)
    • The Broken Balance (Li Mei)
    • Dance with the Devil (Ria)

  • Misslead, Season 2 (December 2007):
    • Death and Dolls (Cat)
    • Toxic Relations (Dee)
    • The Inner Dragon (Li Mei)
    • What the Cat Dragged in (Ria)

Awards & reviews:
"It is a very elegant system and though at times you need to repeat certain conversations in order to build enough angel or devil icons to progress, the game seldom feels repetitive and the script is engaging enough to keep you reading and interested in what lies around the corner."

"As you progress through, choosing dialogue to deliver to other characters, the game adds up your responses and delivers a mini-personality assessment based on them. So you play and have all your personality flaws pointed out to you. Girls love that."