Tarantia Common District


Tarantia Common District:



Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures



Open PvE, Pvp



Player level:





My role and responsibilities:

For the whole playfield and all of the bosses, my role and responsibilities were the same, covering:

  • Concepting theme and quests
  • Designing bosses and encounters
  • Abilities
  • Magic spells
  • Particle effects
  • Assembling NPCs (assigning looks and abilities, etc)
  • Scripting
  • Implementation
  • Testing/balancing
  • Documenting



Design vision:

The intention with Trantia commons was to give the players an interesting place to do PvP.
But while expanding the players’ arena this way, we were also aware, that we would at the same time challenge our own week spot. Letting the players attack from above had until then been something we'd always avoided because of the possibe exploits.

But we did went through with it, and we succeeded, and Tarantia Common District became a very popular PvP zone.


Besides the PvP aspect, we also wanted to give the players the feel of being in a real poor part of town with all that comes with it:


  • Gangs:

We created 2 factions – the Crows and the Wharf Rats – which would both want the players’ loyalty. The rewards would be faction-locked quests and loot.


  • Trouble:

Riots made by unhappy townsmen would arise in the streets, but the players could also provoke them, if they wanted. A boss could be lured out this way.



  • Outcast colony and easy women:

Mainly flavour, but also some quests required the players to navigate in these areas, which could be… interesting.





Playfield description:

The Common District has always been perceived as a place where the dregs of society congregate. From wily cutthroats and agile pickpockets, to the destitute and desperate, are all found within the slums of Tarantia. However, troubled times have come to Tarantia Common District that is located next to the Noble District entrance.


The area is PvP enabled, and the players can engage combat in the streets as well as on the rooftops of the neighbourhood while enjoying the stunning view.


Also, the players can choose to support either of the 2 rivalizing gangs, the Wharf Rats, and the Crows and thus unlock faction-specific content .