Carpathian Fangs


Carpathian Fangs:



The Secret World




Outdoor PvE



Player level:

N/a, but end game



My Role and responsibilities:

As the designer of this zone, my main responsabilities were:

  • Making the overall design for the playfield
  • Planning game mechanics (along with coders) and implementing them
  • Planning enemy visuals and animations (along with artists)
  • Assembling monsters and enemies
  • Setting up populations and camps
  • Implementing gameplay and sound
  • Creating abilities, monster setups, and visual effects (particles)
  • Creating and implementing missions including items and NPCs
  • Some scripting
  • Voice-over for The Haunted House and the female Succubus monster



Design vision:


Carpathian Fangs is the last zone of Transylvania (the game’s last zone) and thereby the scene for the very peak of the story mission.


This is where all the ends come together, so there are a lot of different things going on.
Carpathian Fangs being where the story mission is rounded off, it was going to have a lot of very experienced players who’d want to have a lot of different kinds of content and a lot of freedom to choose what they wanted to do – and when.

For this reason the playfield needed to be very loosely structured – as opposed to the framework for the design of Tokyo Flashback.


Besides bosses, monster camps of various sorts and sizes, and missions – both independent ones and ones tied to the story mission, the playfield hosted quite a few lairs (bosses who drop something which can be used to spawn more powerful bosses, who then again drop something which can be used to spawn a raid boss).



Playfield description:

Carpathian Fangs is the final quest zone in TSW.

In this frigid mountain landscape everything the player has learned, discovered and trained for so far will be put to its ultimate test.

There is the abandoned Soviet research facility 10, where madness has been released in the form of man/vampire hybrid super soldiers.

Filth is bubbling out of the ancient Roman Baths, corrupting the Smeu of the mountains and the lost souls of the dead.

A repentant vampire broods in a cave in the mountains, plotting a way to avenge his making.

An old werewolf despairs over his tribe's loss of perspective and is willing to turn on his own.

A Phoenician agent is on a secret mission when she's stopped by an old lover.

The Morninglight burns in the mountain cabins.

Mara directs her hordes of vampires from Dracula's old castle.

Emma wants her teddy bear.

An enormous Orochi installation is digging and digging. But they dug too deep, with disastrous consequences.

And inside the very mountain, is the Breach!

In the Carpathian Fangs, the players will be tested to the brink of their abilities. They will have to study their challenges and make sure they bring the right tools for the job.

In the Carpathian Fangs, it all comes together, and only the strong will come back to tell the tale.